Ashanti legend about Lake Bosumtwi

TIMG_2538he ashanti legends regarding lake bosumtwi say, that in 1648 an Ashanti hunter named Akora Bompe from the city of Asaman, was chasing an injured antelope through the rainforest. Suddenly, the animal disappeared in a small pond. It was as if this body of water wanted to save the animal’s life. The hunter never got the antelope, though he settled close to the water and started catching fish. This place he named “Bosumtwe”, meaning “antelope god”. This story also suggests that at that time, the lake level was very low. The large dead 300 years old trees, standing offshore in the lake, also evidence the story. The following centuries, several wars take place between the Ashanti and the Akim people, each claiming the area. The Ashanti prevailed. Each village in the lake area has its own shrine or fetish grove. With the arrival of Christianity, some of people gave up former beliefs, though many continue to seek traditional help in bad times or against diseases. The Abrodwum Stone is held to be the spiritual centre of the lake. Here, when there is such poor fishing it is considered a bad omen, the lake people sacrifice a cow. This act, is celebrated in the presence of his majesty, the Ashanti king, the Asantehene himself. In the ceremony, the cow’s innards are given to the stone and the rest is thrown into the lake. The crowd rushes into the water with cutlasses and axes to take their share of the meat. The event is a worth to be seen. However, the event is hardly predictable due to the various factors. Touching the water with iron and modern boats are considered as traditional taboo and not suitable act. The padua, a wooden plank requiring considerable skill to maneuver, is the legitimate method.