Lake Bosumtwi photo gallery

Lake Bosumtwi & Cocoa Village photo gallery

Cocoa Village Guest house is surrounded with pristine rural Ghana environment. Daily local fisherman and villager life is possible to observe just from the bedroom of your bungalow or restaurant deck. You can drive your canoe side by side with fisherman pirouge or make visit at Ashanti village chef. There are always a lot of villager on the road  to chat with them and shorten you time. You can meet a girls on daily routines bearing loads on their heads or visit 24 villages on rounding lake Bosumtwi trip.

Cocoa Village was named after the plantation of cocoa which was in past located part of our location. A lot of Cocoa trees still stay and you can observes in season how the farmers are take care for the cocoa fruits and collecting them for sell.

Lake Bosumtwi is located in a dense rain forest inside of meteorite crater. This African crater has been hard to study, but experts have confirmed that its creation was the result of an impact.

Its rim diameter is about 11 kilometres measured north to south and 10 kilometres east to west. Most impact craters eventually erode away; however Lake Bosumtwi crater as you will seen if you visit us, the truly magnificent impacts still remain.
The Lake Bosumtwi impact crater was formed about 1 million years ago and is a sacred spot to the Ashanti, who believe the dead come here to bid farwell to the god Twi.

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