Lake Bosumtwe

Lake Bosumtwe, Ghana, view from Southwest. Bos...

Lake Bosumtwe, Ghana, view from Southwest. Bosumtwiis a lake-filled impact crater, about 10.5 km in size an 1.3 million years old. Vertical exaggeration 3x. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lake Bosumtwi is located 30 km south east of Kumasi in a circular crater with diameter of 10,5km. The lake is the only natural fresh water lake which can be found in Ghana. In its deepest point it can reach 90 meters.

On the base of latest geological research crater have origin in 1,07 million years old asteroid. Lake is surrounded with hills (to the 600 m high) and dense rain forest. Lake, with their beautiful natural environment and near villages, offers many opportunities for exploring of nature, unspoiled village life style and activities from horse riding, canoeing, trekking around the lake or climbing on neighboring hills.

Visiting Cocoa Village Gusthouse in the center of f impact crater is great opportunity for short escape from bustle of urban Ghana to the untouched nature of Lake Bosumtwe. We are offering a wide variety of activity inside of Cocoa Village from bike trips, hikes on the top of the crater, trips around the lake with visit of 24 villages on the way, organizing special trips to city of Kumasi highlights, batik and kente workshops in our art studio, 14 days round the Ghana trips, canoe trips.