African batik art classes and Cocoa Village activities


Rent a SUP (Stand Up Paddling) board

SUP rent – 3 eur per 1h



Morning hiking to the top of the crater

Hiking will take you around 1h. From the top of the crater u have a beautyfull view on whole lake. On the top you can explore villagers farm.

hiking with a guide – 10 eur (person or group)



Hiking around the lake

Lake Bosomtwi is special place to explore. Size of the lake is 35 km, walking true the bush will take u cca.7h.

hiking with local guide – 40 eur (person or group)


Loop around the lake – 80 eur per person (group of 5 people is 60 eur per person)


Visit a shrine (shaman) in neighbourhood village Apeu

guide to the shrine house -10 eur+ gift for shaman cca. 5-10 eur