Activities & Tours

All of our tours follow the same motto: pure enjoyment comes from discovery of natural beauties, investigating local culture and socializing with local people.

Seasonally we offer several types of trips and activities, which are described here, but at any time we can organize you one-day or several-day trip, in line with your preferences.

Usually, upon arrival at Accra airport we suggest to spent first day in Accra. It is not a lot to do in Accra, but rest and relax a bit on arrival to get acclimated toGhana.

The typical route when visiting Ghana is the triangle formed by Accra-KumasiCape Coast.

his can be done in as little as 4-5 days, but we recommend spending around 9 days on this route for your first visit to Ghana. If you have a few extra days, add a visit into the north if your interests are wildlife (4-5 days), and/or add a visit into the Volta region if your interests are lush highlands and waterfalls (2-3 days).

Traveling to the northern border is for an adventurous traveler, although the area around Bolgatanga and Navrongo contain a number of destinations that are easily visited.

In our you can find activities and trips mainly focused on near Lake bosumtwi and Kumasi area. One of our higlights are 6 days Mole national park tour.


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